the snow queen being the cutest cutie ever
god she is so cute; i admit it; i am in love with elizabeth mitchell; snow queen; ouat;
angel; juliet burke; lost;


"so how long have you been on tumblr"

*has war flashbacks to the introduction of WHAT IS AIR*

You were looking for someone to not be alone

                                                                                    You found me

ughhh i love her; snow queen; ouat;
  • Emma: do you want to come in and have coffee
  • Killian: i don't really like coffee and I'm still kinda stuffed from dinner
  • Emma: i mean sex
  • Killian: ...
  • Killian: actually yeah i love coffee now that you mention it
lol; captain swan; ouat;
she is so gorgeous; elizabeth mitchell;
hahahha; snowing; snow white; prince charming; captain swan; ouat;
elizabeth mitchell is a fucking goddess; snow queen; emma swan; ouat;
lol; bones;